Individualized Hairstyling Certificate Courses (For Licensed Hairstylists)

Want to learn Hair-Cutting Techniques but not Styling or Coloring? That’s okay – our certificate courses are designed for students that are looking for a specific requirement. Whether your missing fundamentals, or you want to improve your skills in a specific area,  you can choose a course that is fit for you.

To further your career and education, we provide seminars, workshops, and non – vocational certificate courses. Here are some of the options available for you at AHC.

– Blow-Dry Styling
– Client Consultation
– Comb-Out Techniques
– Day & Evening Up Do’s
– Finger Waving
– Hair Wrapping
– Pin Curls
– Professional Bridal Up-Do’s
– Roller Curls
– Styling Long Hair
– Thermal Hair Straightening (Hair Pressing)
– Thermal Hair Styling Techniques
– Conventional Wet Styling Techniques

– Hair Cutting Groundwork (Theory & Methods)
– Hair Cutting Techniques (Latest Trends in Hair Cutting and Hair Sculpting)
– Basic Hair Cutting Principles
– How to Handle Client Consultations
– How to Use Clippers and Trimmers
– Other Cutting Techniques
– Tools, Body Positions & Safety
– Challenges in Colouring
– Client Consultation
– Corrective Solutions
– Hair Colour Applications
– Hair Colouring Safety Precautions
– Hair Facts
– Identifying Natural Hair Colour & Tone
– Special Effects Hair Colouring
– Types of Hair Colour
– Using Lighteners
– Using Toners
– Why People Colour Their Hair

– Braiding the Hair
– Client Consultation
– Learning Different Types of Braids
– Understanding the Basis

– Chemical Hair Relaxers
– Client Consultation
– Curl Re-Forming
– Permanent Waving
– The Structure of the Hair

– Artificial Hair Integration
– Hair Extensions
– Hairpieces
– Wigs

– The difference between clippers, trimmers, and other barbering tools
– Barbering terminology
– Head structure analysis and design
– Clipper guard systems and measurements
– Different cutting blades and their purpose
– How to develop strategic consultations
– Learn 9 men’s haircuts
– Learn the cycle of service
– The importance of elevation haircuts
– How to combine styles to create infinite variations
– The connection of guards
– How to ‘skip guards’
– Basic skin and scalp care for men

– Preparation for the Ontario Hairstyling License Exam
– For those students with a Hairstyling Diploma

Hairstyling Diploma Program

Not finding what you need? If you’re looking for the a program that combines all of these courses in one, you should check out our Hairstyling Diploma Program where you will find an in-depth curriculum designed to give students all of the fundamentals to start a career in the hairstyling industry. You will study the practice and theory in Shampooing, Rinses, Hair Treatments, Scalp Treatments, Hair Styling (Conventional Wet Styling and Thermal Styling), Hair Shaping (Cutting and Sculpting), Hair Coloring (Lightening and Coloring techniques), Chemical Waving & Relaxing, and so much more.


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