Advanced Medical Aesthetics Courses (For Doctors & Nurses)

Do you enjoy helping people improve their appearance and self-esteem? If so, then a career in medical aesthetics is the perfect choice for you. Our Medical Aesthetics courses are designed to help you specialize in skincare treatments such as facials, body treatments, laser photo rejuvenation, laser hair removal, mechanical exfoliation, skin rejuvenation, and so much more.

Students will gain an understanding of a variety of skin and body care treatments with rewarding career opportunities in a variety of areas including spas, skin care clinics, medical spas, health and wellness centers, beauty salons and many more.

To further your career and education, we provide seminars, workshops, and non – vocational certificate courses. Here are some of the options available for you at AHC.

– Intro to injectables
– Neuromodulators (types, mechanism of action)
– Facial anatomy
– Treatment areas
– Patient assessment, contraindication, and informed consent
– Reconstitution, storing and treatment tables
– Land marking and injection techniques (theory and hands-on)
– Side effects and follow-up
– Documentation and photographs
– Hyperhidrosis
– Regulations
– Business and marketing

– Intro to dermal fillers
– Facial anatomy
– Treatment areas and indications
– Patient assessment, contraindications, and informed consent
– Selecting right product
– Injection techniques (theory and hands-on)
– Side effects and complications
– Documentation and photographs
– Advanced techniques (intro to theory)
– Intro
– Facial anatomy
– Treatment areas and indications
– Patient assessment, contraindications, and informed consent
– Treatment options
– Injection techniques
– Complication management
– Follow up and post treatment instructions
– Regulations
– Marketing – website, radio, newspaper
– Money – how to collect, pay bills, HST, payroll rate of pay or split profit fairly, salary, commission
– Insurance
– Supplies
– Overhead expenses
– Rent
– Staff Recruitment
– Retention
– Incentive benefits
– Medical records, billing practices, scheduling, what to do with photographs that you have taken, relationships with suppliers, how to develop relationships with clients and supplier, get marketing material from suppliers
Which machines to buy, what salesman to deal with, are there consumable involved and what’s the difference between laser, RF, laser, IPL


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